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Tips for creating an efficient support ticket

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When you send us a request for email support, our Customer Care Team gathers all the details you've provided to ensure that we have everything needed to provide quick support for your request. Read on to find out how to send the most effective support ticket so we have the right information to help you.

For details on how to open a ticket, refer to our Contacting Ranked Brain Customer Care KB article.

What does an effective support ticket include?

Subject line

The subject line or title is the first piece of information that our Customer Care Team sees. Use it to convey the context of your request with a short, clear message. Make sure to include relevant keywords wherever possible.

Try using this naming convention when creating a subject line:

[Where the issue is occurring] - [Type of issue / Error type]


[Site Update Request] - [Type of update]

Examples of good subject lines:

"Images - Not showing on page"

"Blog Update - Please add new blog"

Description of issue

This is the main part of the ticket where you provide a detailed description of the issue. When you give us relevant information, we can efficiently assess your request, recreate the issue on our end, and find a solution quickly.

As a best practice, include as many of the elements listed below in your description:

Elements (as applicable) Details to provide
Request details You can use bullet points in your description in order to stay clear and concise.
Supporting documentation

For Website updates such as content, image(s), product information, event details, video links, links for affiliate creatives or any other site update related requests all information related to the support request should be included. If not it could potentially cause your ticket to be paused until the necessary information is received.

Examples of update requests:

  • Requests for blogs to be added to your site must include the accompanying images and links if needed.
  • Requests for content or updates to your site must include the page or pages to be updated. Indicate if this is an add to existing or replacement content and any associated images necessary for the update to be completed.
  • Requests for product updates to your eCommerce store must include the product link to be updated. Indicate what changes are being requested to the product such as price, available coupons, or product information sheets. You must include any associated images necessary for the update to be completed.
  • Requests for updates to your affiliate program, affiliate links, or creatives must include the accompanying information in order for your request to be completed.

Examples of support or problem requests:

Screenshot, GIF, and/or video(s) of the issue you are experiencing, especially of:

  • Error messages
  • URL of where the error occurred.

How is the issue affecting your work or business?

Steps needed to recreate the issue List all steps you took leading up to the current issue/situation
Steps taken so far List any troubleshooting steps that you have already tried and what the results were
First time of occurrence and persistence of issue

Time and day of first occurrence and how often it has occurred since then

Ticket submission

After submitting the ticket, you will receive an email confirmation with your ticket number. A Customer Care Team member will follow up with you via email.

Sharing clear, concise information as well as any relevant attachments helps us make sure your question or issues have been addressed as efficiently as possible. Thank you for your engagement and continued partnership with Ranked Brain!

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